Veil with Rafia Zakaria

The veil is a complex and unique object, one that holds personal and cultural significance and often prompts very passionate and even aggressive reactions. Author Rafia Zakaria is here to help us consider the veil from a range of perspectives, including her own. This episode takes a close look at the veil in relation to women, aesthetics, power, and identity, and is for anyone looking to join the conversation.

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Cover of VeilRafia Zakaria is an author, attorney, political philosopher, and human rights activist. She works as a Columnist at The Baffler, writer for DAWN Pakistan, and a critic for the Times Literary Supplement. Her book The Upstairs Wife: An Intimate History of Pakistan (2015) received positive reviews in the New York TimesNPRMs.Magazine, and more. She is the author of Veil, part of our Object Lessons series.

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  1. Poor quality sound. Difficult to listen to. A pity, appears to be offering two sides to a question pertinent to attitudes today.


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