Queer Data by Kevin Guyan

If you would like to buy your own copy of Queer Data, go to the Bloomsbury website and use code pod35 followed your respective country code, US, UK, CA, AU, depending on where you are located. How do we decide who counts? Kevin Guyan, queer author, activist and scholar, joins us to discuss his latest book Queer Data: Using Gender, Sex and Sexuality Data for Action to break down how data shapes the world around us, and how we in turn, shape it. Numbers, after all, can hold an entire history of power and politics. We turn to Kevin’s experience with the film and television industry to discuss the limitations of using quantitative data to represent and solve problems and more broadly the complications behind using language to represent identity and lived experience. Take a listen. Americas customers (excluding Canada): POD35US UK and rest of world customers: POD35UK Canada customers: POD35CA Australia and New Zealand customers: POD35AU Want to hear more? Make sure to check out all our episodes here, or wherever you get your podcasts Check out this episode! Get the book:

The War on Disabled People book cover

The War On Disabled People with Ellen Clifford, Part Two

This is part two of our episode on The War on Disabled People. We are continuing our conversation with Ellen Clifford, a disabled activist who has worked within the disability sector for over twenty years and is a current member of the National Steering Group for Disabled People Against Cuts. In this episode, Ellen unpacks the ways in which people with disabilities are made to feel invisible, how austerity reversed progress for disability rights, the future of disability rights and how to break the cycle of inaccessibility, and much more. Take a listen.