Spacecraft / The Stuff of Life by Timothy Morton

We begin this philosophical conversation with an overview of Object-Oriented Ontology, the school of thought in which both Spacecraft and The Stuff of Life are rooted. Tim discusses how they came to describe life through ‘stuff’, touching on bananas, concealer, electric peanuts, and the Battersea Power Station. Stay tuned for lively tête à tête on Star Wars versus Star Trek. Spoiler: both franchises are good and beloved by both parties, but their philosophical outlooks differ in important ways. We learn of Tim’s connection to Sir Patrick Stewart as well as their favorite spacecraft, then veer into the relationship between spacecraft and human treatment of ecology, the environment, and the individual. Take a listen.

Cover of Veil

Veil with Rafia Zakaria

The veil is a complex and unique object, one that holds personal and cultural significance and often prompts very passionate and even aggressive reactions. Author Rafia Zakaria is here to help us consider the veil from a range of perspectives, including her own. This episode takes a close look at the veil in relation to women, aesthetics, power, and identity, and is for anyone looking to join the conversation.